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IDA Spiderman Children Bed In White With Tower And Curtains

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£0.00 £489.95

IDA Wooden Children Bed In White With Curtains, Slider And Tower The Bed Gives Safety Of Children By Fall Protection And Makes The Child Cherish by Its Design. Finish: Solid Pine Wood In White And Curtains Features: IDA Wooden Children Bed In White With Curtains And Slider Great Game Bed Solid Wood Includes curtains in Blue & Red Beacon Fall Protection Textiles: 100% Cotton Curtain With Spider-man Design Ladder And Slider With Tower Sleeping comfortably Playful details Mattress is Not Included Space Under the Bed: 70cm Wide Steps for a Pleasant and Safe Ascent Stylish And Fabulous Design With Modern Touch Finest Quality Materials Used For Construction Available At An Affordable Price Dimensions: W 97cm x L 208cm x H 113cm Post Thickness: 5. 4 x 5. 4cm

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