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Beautifully handmade, the Elizabeth 4000 pocket pillowtop mattress brings together the comfort of natural elements with breathable upholstery layers and experienced craftsmanship to create a sumptuous sanctuary for sleep. The care and consideration taken during spring development creates a mattress with exceptional support for your body throughout the night aiding a better sleep. The generous layers of upholstery inside the core of the mattress include natural cotton, wool and cashmere, which will ease your body into a sumptuous slumber. These fillings provide great support making the mattress naturally hypo-allergenic with excellent cooling properties. Whilst the rows of hand side stitching ensures that the mattress is securely fastened to the sturdy pocket spring system helping to prevent the mattress sides from collapsing. Housing 4,000 independently working springs eliminating roll-together but also maintaining its form allowing you and your partner to have an uninterrupted sleep. The Latex filling is integrated inside the extra supportive comfort layer above the core of the mattress, it provides excellent resilience which moulds quickly but also has the natural ability to instantly recover its shape providing continual movement, the layer of latex creates a much healthier sleeping environment to ensure comfort and quality. The mattress is finished with luxurious soft knit fabric allowing for a perfect night's sleep. With the Elizabeth 4000 Pocket mattress bringing instant relaxation you will be left feeling revitalised after a pleasant night's sleep. Your Chelsea bed Co mattress is hand-tufted, this ensures the upholstery remains in place and prolongs longevity of the mattress.

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